Better Health - Free For Your Life With The Better Health Zen Route of Life

Better health means that information which produces better results.
With reference to the Better Health Zen Route of Life, better health is the better result.
As with every subject of human interest and effort, those who do it better know better.
The Better Health Zen Route of Life compresses the words, actions and attitudes of those who do.
Better information from those enjoying better health, beginning with a reminder to breathe.
You think you have an idea what this means and prove that you don't with each breath.
FACT: The deeper your breathing, the longer you live. This is mathematically pure.
Because it applies universally, it qualifies as a PowerGem, a universal shortcut.
Not knowing this is only a result of not having read many thousands of books.
Look beyond the EyeCandy to find PowerGems that produce better results.

Better health in adulthood rarely occurs by accident.
Better health depends less on genetics than good decisions.
Better health means that information which produces better results.
The Better Health Zen Route of Life compresses the words, actions and attitudes of those who do.
Better information from those enjoying better health, beginning with a reminder to breathe.
You think you have an idea what this means and prove that you don't with each breath.
FACT: The deeper your breathing, the longer you live. This is mathematically pure.
Because it applies universally, it qualifies as a PowerGem, a universal shortcut.
Look beyond the EyeCandy to find PowerGems that produce better results.
Do not eat food that has been handled by others, beyond true harvesting.

Corn syrup is an invention; there is no such thing; deadliest of all foods.
Fried foods are okay, as long as you do not eat them. Just kidding: MONTHLY.
When you turn daily pleasures that are killing you into monthly treats, their value rises.
What you think of as fat is actually non-food stuck inside you, evermore poisonous.
Clean out the sludge with two daily glasses of colon cleanse for a few months.
You'll notice better vision, breathing, energy, and another day still alive.
Regaining or simply sustaining better health is the purpose for being here,
embracing the Better Health Zen Route of Life, of those who live longer.

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Get more from yourself and the assets you have access to, in pursuit of your excellence.
Make a daily, even hourly habit of using your Better Health Zen Route of Life

Every day you waste is filled with minutes - opportunities - you cannot get back.
Make the time each night to create a written agenda, the 5 most vitals goals of the morrow.
Stop forming opinions. Most of them have proved useless to you. Process information carefully.
Whether it's the five most critical intestinal requirements to preclude labeled disease,
The only opinions you can benefit from are the opinions of those who have repeatedly done it successfully.
The Better Health Zen Route of Life is the ultimate in self-empowerment, with the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You 
These are the great shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the great shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
indubitably YOUR shortcuts to succeeding. That's why the Great Success Lifebook is here for your life.
Begin by understanding without exception that those who ask more people more times obtain more.
This is the most accelerating secret and shortcut of wealth, as stated by numerous billionaires.
Then again, perhaps you know more than billionaires about how to become a billionaire.
As the first human to break bread with, interview, and/or work for, many billionaires,
MisterShortcut promises you that asking more people more times each is magical.
Far more than anything beyond inheritance, it is the pathway to billionairehood.

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Better Health Does Not Occur Accidentally

Better health by way of the Better Health Zen Route of Life is mostly a result of better information & better decisions.
Whoever we might be, we are wisest when we are imitating those who know better than the rest of us.
No matter who you might THINK you are, those who live stronger longer know better than you do.
The Better Health Zen Route of Life is here for you to teach yourself to live stronger for longer.
MisterShortcut wants YOU to enjoy better health for all of your days and nights.
The Better Health Zen Route of Life is as easy as doing what comes most naturally,
replacing what is now coming to you by dint of environmental influence.
Your training has left so much to be desired. Rather than blame, fix.
Better health, as easy as drinking freshly-juiced fruits and veggies.
In one hundred days, you will also lose up to a hundred extra pounds.
Yes, you read that correctly. Anyone stating otherwise is dead wrong,
"dead" being the operative word of such grievously misleading error.
Unless you've read thousands and thousands of books on health,
unless you've personally risen up from the dead and crippled,
close your mouth and pay attention to a human who has.
Juicing is the most infuriating fact of my life.
How enraged I am that I never knew about it.
Supposedly so smart, and never juicing!
Still, today is richer and more fun,
because late is better than never.
Shhhh. Less talking, more doing.

Let’s improve this world, one page, one click at a time.
If you agree to share, you will learn great health & wealth.
Your Great Success Lifebook Is Wisdom You Already Possess.
Your Better Health Zen Route of Life, wisdom proven by the long-lived.
All wisdom contains multiple layers, multiplex levels of usefulness.
If you know to listen, comprehend powerful information, new to you.
Do you see two ears to one mouth meaning using ears twice as much?
These next few minutes of your life are likely to alter you forever. Focus.
When we obtain benefit from new facts, we get to our first level of wisdom.
When you obtain benefit from new facts, you get to your first level of wisdom.
With so much of you invested in getting to the first level, let’s remove your limits.
You have invested eighty percent of what is needed to get to so many more profits.
Don’t limit yourself to one meaning. With less time and effort, each layer gets better.
This is a major and master secret of the universe, used by all of the masters around you.
Seek and find your second level of utility, and then your third and even fourth and fifth uses.
Your learning curve goes up in but mere minutes, even today, when you look past first blush.
Every human you’ve ever met who was or is worth admiring uses this magical PowerGem.
Each PowerGem is an omnipotent, universal secret of your own Great Success Lifebook.
PowerGems stay hidden in plain sight, through all the millions of MisterShortcut pages.
We do not quit, at anything, because we failed. We fail as soon as we choose to quit.
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Better health is more a matter of better decisions than genetics.
Better health is the pathway to getting better and better in each way...
with every day!

You can bet your life... you have, in fact,
that better health is the result of five things.

Water, oil, good bacteria, bulk, and salt.

Not junk salt, heated to 1,100 degrees, rendering it lethal to heart, kidneys, blood, and more.
Real salt is air-dried sea salt. You may be surprised to learn just how much you need it to thrive.
Above most everything in life, you need at least one good teaspoon of air-dried sea salt every day.
Without it, you have no chance of producing enough hydrochloric acid, which disinfects your food.

Without that disinfection, your liver is literally handed batch after batch of purely toxic goop.
Those who consistently enjoy better health through their forties and sixties and beyond, KNOW.
They know better than those who do not enjoy better health, which is mostly a matter of choices.

Oil, such as EFA or extra virgin olive oil or virgin coconut oil, keeps your intestines moving.
If you are smart enough to drink fresh juice every day, just add oil generously to your juices.

Water, about an ounce for every pound you weigh, or something close to it, flushes out toxins.
Good bacteria is food for the intestine, where ninety percent of your immune system is found.
Bulk, or fiber, is like swallowing a washcloth, because it mechanically scrubs your intestines.
Salt fills so many needs of the human body that illiteracy is a fair tag for those who know not.

At the end of every story is the truth that those who repeatedly do best surely know best.
Everyone else in the room needs to be quiet, learning to imitate masters, then innovating.
Pursue better health with five truly magical secrets of pure power, and then may you speak.

Better health? Remember that, unless you weigh hundreds of pounds, there is no such thing as fat.
Few humans indeed have more than an inche of fat. Those "few" pounds are unreleased excrement.

Enrich your potential with action at the Great Success Lifebook.
Engage more of your better health with the Better Health Zen Route of Life
Delivered because you deserve to excel using great shortcuts,
and you deserve to live a good life, enjoying better health.

You can say that this is produced to freely promote,
not mere products; instead, YOUR progress into success.
Success always tastes better when enjoyed with better health.
Remind yourself that you deserve great wealth and better health.

Designed and delivered to you by the CEO of your fan club.

The Great Success Lifebook and the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You
These are the shortcuts of masters and millionaires,
the shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
provably YOUR best shortcuts to succeeding.

Enjoy. The Better Health Zen Route of Life is already a part of your life.
The Great Success Lifebook needs to be a part of your life.

Better Health Is Never An Accident

At the bottom of the page of Life, there IS better health.
You will find that better health IS in fact enjoyed by many.
Not, by a long shot, enjoyed by the majority of living humans.
No, better health is enjoyed by those who live moderately, simply.
More clean water and fresh air, more green and red vegetables and fruits.
THESE are hallmarks of those among us enjoying what we seek: better health.